Espaider Law Firm.
The best management system for medium and large law firms.

Each law firm is unique. ESPAIDER LAW FIRM is a management system that adapts to the characteristics and preferences of the organization and users. ESPAIDER LAW FIRM, a fully WEB-based, secure, modular and complete tool is the ideal operational and managerial solution for a law firm.

Espaider Law Firm. <br> The best management system for medium and large law firms.
Espaider Law Firm

Espaider Law Firm

ESPAIDER is a complete management system for law firms.

Fully WEB-based and responsive, it can be accessed through mobile devices at any time and from any location.

ESPAIDER LAW FIRM allows you to manage all areas of the office with much more freedom and flexibility.









Charts and reports




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Management Analysis (Business Intelligence)

Management Analysis (Business Intelligence)

Support to decision-making. Custom hubs, with spreadsheets and screen graphics. A simple interface for obtaining synthetic or analytical analysis, with complex data composition. The Management Analysis (BI) module is the perfect helper for legal analysis or administrative and financial analysis.

Charts in various formats that can be exported to presentation programs.

Indicators updated by e-mail and assembly of dashboards/KPIs.

– Agility in the assembly of charts;
– Security in the provision of information;
– Fast results in a completely web-based interface.

Management of brands, patents and domains

Management of brands, patents and domains

Control of trademarks, patents and domains.

Reading of the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) magazine.

Collision analysis. Parameters for analyses can be changed by users. Analyses can be submitted several times with different parameterizations to verify the results with the different possibilities.

- Email alert for orders;

- Control of one-year periods and five-year periods;

- INPI standard forms;

- Expiration alerts.

Demand management

Demand management

Control and management of legal or administrative demands with simple or complex flows, configurable according to the needs of the organization.

Complex flows can have multiple levels of approval and range of values.

- Standardized services.
- Attachment of documents during the flow stages.
- Standardized document templates.
- Service SLAs.
- Alert of new requests.
- Approval by email, via links sent by the system.

Corporate Management

Corporate Management

Control of all types of organizations.

– Registration of shareholders and quotaholders;

– Registration and control of articles of associations and resolutions;

– Registration of meetings;

– Registration of capital changes;

– Organization charts.

Time management

Time management

Observations of hours worked per activity and internal or external customer.

Valuation of hours according to the contract and integration with the financial module for issuing invoices.

Monitoring the activities of professionals for performance and productivity analysis.

Library management

Library management

Control and management of books (isolated or in collections), articles, CDs and others.

Control of loans and transactions of items that leave and enter the library.

Complete registration with data, title, media, collection, issue, volume, edition, year, ISBN, docket, publisher, cover and back images, chapters and number of pages and others.

Collection (Credit Recovery)

Collection (Credit Recovery)

Management of receivables for collection.

- Issue of payment slips;

- Control of expenses and payments in advance;

- Import of batch receivables for collection;

- Receipt of alerts via email;

- Visualization of billing queue;

- Trading screen.

Case management

Case management

Management of non-judicial assistance. Opinions, infraction notices, administrative proceedings. Any out-of-court demands.

- Events and measures with an alert for those responsible.

Litigation Management

Litigation Management

Management of proceedings of any categories. Monetary update of any amounts involved, by any currencies or indexes.

- Events and measures with an alert for those responsible.
- Detailed management of tax values.
- Provisioning of values ​​by various criteria and customized with accounting integration.
- On-demand integration with other management systems. SAP and others.

Accounting management

Accounting management

Accounting control with a flexible account plan at several levels.

Integration with the Financial module for automatic accounting entries. The person responsible for accounting only makes entries regarding adjustments. Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in accounting entries.

The ideal solution for the effective billing of law firms

The ideal solution for the effective billing of law firms

Espaider has a functionality named “Smart Billing”. The law firms register all the billing rules of the contract and the system carries out the billing according to these rules.

- Greater customer confidence, because they receive the correct invoices, without the need for cancellations or compensation of amounts;
- The system generates invoices for billing fees, debit notes, expense reimbursement, etc., all in accordance with the information that was introduced in the system by the responsible;
- With Smart Billing, the process is transparent, with the issuance of detailed invoices, easy to understand and even with reports whose layouts favor the understanding of customers.

Management of negotiations, calls and campaigns

Management of negotiations, calls and campaigns

Control and management of negotiations, calls and campaigns.

Periodic sending of emails and documents based on lists of individuals and/or legal entities created by defined criteria.

Management of documents

Management of documents

Control of digital documents generated and received quickly, effectively and safely.

– Filing and searching documents easily;

– Direct access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint;

– Storage of all documents in a single location, which can be in the cloud;

– Quickly search for arguments in texts, spreadsheets, emails, PDF files and more. The system uses market indexing libraries, also called “iFilters”. More information in the ESPAIDER technical proposal;

– Configuration of libraries to facilitate organization and access;

– Document templates;

– Filing of emails easily and quickly in any location of the system, such as contracts, proceedings and others.

Financial management for firms

Financial management for firms

Control and management of the financial area of ​​law firms, involving accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, cash flow, banks, accounting integration and corresponding operations.

Billing, collection and refund rules, configurable according to the customers’ contracts. Efficiency, effectiveness and productivity for the financial area.

– Electronic invoice;

– Banking integration;

– Control by financial accounts.

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