Privacy Policies

Fácil Informática Ltda. respects the privacy of its existing and potential customers, users, or those interested in its products and services, in compliance with all Brazilian legal standards and principles. Fácil acknowledges the importance of protecting the collected information it holds and, therefore, has created privacy policies.

The policies are specific and adequate to products, services, and our website, given the different needs for information to be collected.

Privacy policies apply as of their latest revisions.

Any policy may be changed without prior notice and its latest version will be published. Contact Fácil to obtain the latest version adopted.

For this specific website, Fácil requests Personally Identifiable Information:

  • To reply to interested parties and solve any doubts, establish possible negotiations of its products and services, issue and send proposals and other documents with content related to its products and services. This Personally Identifiable Information is not shared with third parties;
  • From job seekers, in which cases the information can be shared with companies that provide recruitment and selection services for Fácil.

The Personally Identifiable Information can be used to uniquely identify a particular person.

Some examples are name, address, email, cell phone number, and the like.

Fácil may disclose personally identifiable information in order to comply with court orders or laws that so require.

Fácil offers its existing and potential customers the option of receiving its promotional emails. Users may refuse such communications. Instructions for opting out of receipt of promotional emails from Fácil are provided within said communications.

The Personally Identifiable Information provided to Fácil is collected, processed, and stored by Fácil Informática Ltda. in Brazil. Fácil has taken reasonable measures to protect the information shared by users, including, without limitation, the implementation of processes, equipment, and software to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of this information.

At any time, the holder of identifiable data may contact Fácil and request the definitive deletion of their data from its information databases.

For any questions or complaints concerning this privacy policy or Fácil’s privacy practices, please contact:


Rua João Pessoa, 129 - Blumenau/SC - Zip Code: 89012-472
Blumenau HQ/SC - Customer service center: +55 (47) 3328-2929
Responsible: Department: Information Security