Fácil 34 years.
Confidence to evolve.

Fácil offers broad and effective solutions for your business.


Confidence to evolve with your company

With more than three decades of experience, Fácil develops solutions for the management of legal departments of companies and law firms. The company became recognized in Brazil for its first product: the Fácil word processor, which sold over 110 thousand copies, becoming the best-selling Brazilian product of all time. Fácil has received several awards, from several different entities all over Brazil, which attest to the quality and innovation of its products and services.

The Espaider legal system serves organizations and can be easily integrated with the main ERPs in the market, in addition to being customized according to the needs of each customer. Complete, flexible, completely WEB-based, modular, agile and safe, it can be accessed through mobile devices at any time and from any location. The system allows the issuance of reports and generates charts instantly for users to carry out the perfect operational and managerial monitoring of their activities.

The recent survey on legal software, carried out in Brazil by INTELIJUR (Inteligência Jurídica) confirms the leadership of Espaider. It is the most used system in legal departments of organizations and in medium and large law firms.



To create, maintain, market and implement information systems that are easy to use and perfectly adapted to the characteristics and peculiarities of its customers.



To be the best company in providing systems for legal departments of companies and law firms, contributing to their effective management.



Innovation, Creativity, Ethics, Perseverance, Commitment and Sustainability.

Fácil 34 years of history

Customer reviews


" We implemented the DocSite module, an evolution of the old GED (Electronic Document Manager) module, which provides better control of all technical material used by the firm. We have a rich technical quality material. Espaider allows us to quickly share all the information we produce among our five branches. "

Ivan Alberto Hasse / Gaia Silva Gaede Advogados


" The system links the issue of service invoices to the city government, which we considered one of its most interesting points. In fact, this has a key role even with the clients who receive the document automatically in their inboxes. "

Eleine Pisetta / Nemetz, Kuhnen, Dalmarco & Pamplona Novaes Advocacia


" Espaider meets our needs and offers the chance to make customization in the face of potential growth, important editing of customized reports, ease in remote connection and service and integration of other modules to the business strategy, which can add more value to the system. "

Mirella Collesi Jubilut Mercadante / Jubilut Advogados


" Espaider also fine-tuned communications with partner offices as contingencies that needed updating came through in real time. All procedures and monitoring became much more dynamic. "

Jaqueline Segismundo / Pestana Hotel Group


" Our satisfaction with Espaider also comes from the easiness which allows us to implement new functions, thereby creating specific fields within parameters that we have defined. It also allows access to third-party offices in Brazil and abroad who assist us and can feed the system with their requests and demands. This improves communication and optimizes everyone’s time. "

Valéria Melo de Andrade / Grupo Yamaha do Brasil


" We did a lot of research and safety and performance assessments before choosing Espaider, which is among the market leaders. It is a very complete and constantly evolving system. It is undoubtedly the system that best adheres to Rosi Rajão’s mission and vision, always generating positive results to its customers. "

Matheus Miranda Mello / Rosi Rajão Sociedade de Advogados


" Espaider was the only system capable of performing the intended management functions, with a strong focus on data for analyzing results and reliable legal indicators. "

Sérgio Carneiro Rosi / Rosi Rajão Sociedade de Advogados


" We became more efficient, eliminating old manual controls and hundreds of spreadsheets, in addition to serving different sectors of the company faster. "

Jafte Carneiro Fagundes da Silva / Neodent


" Before deploying it, we carried out a complete study of the system which involved various areas of the office, especially Control and Finance. All sectors observed marked improvement when using Espaider. "

Luiz Carlos Nemetz / Nemetz, Kuhnen, Dalmarco & Pamplona Novaes Advocacia


" From our evaluation, we saw how the company has profited in a big way from Espaider. Beyond saving lawyers’ time and increasing productivity, the system also generated information for the executive board to aid decision-making. "

Kenimar Aparecida Cândido Borges / Caramuru Alimentos